Verification and Validation

Independent Verification And Validation

Sistema Technologies is well versed in Independent Verification and Validation.  The DIR DBITS contract defines “Independent Verification and Validation” as follows:

Definition: Verification and Validation are independent procedures that are used together for in-depth analysis by checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose.

Examples of included services: Validation of software design to meet system needs/requirements; traceability of safety critical requirements; design analysis of selected critical algorithms; and code analysis of mission-critical software components.

Case Study I:

A large manufacturing retailer was integrating a third party product (Fidipidi) onto its social medial page as well as their ATG systems.  The main challenges of this project was its interaction with multiple third party applications and systems simultaneously.  Sistema successfully performed testing of this project by using Orthogonal array testing to prioritize test cases and used HP QTP to perform large scale automated testing to reduce the time to market.

Sistema worked closely with the client’s technical and QA departments to establish a lean and agile test bed for the application.

Case Study II:

Harland Clarke had established IT delivery and maintenance departments using a wide variety of technologies.

Sistema performed a detailed assessment studying the IT infrastructure from functional and technical perspectives to assess their challenges, change frequency, testing needs, etc.

Sistema then worked with its technical and QA departments to establish a unified testing process for the application delivery and maintenance.  Sistema developed Standard Operating Procedures, process maps, tooling guidelines, automation criteria, and also helped in the procurement of software tools.

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