Technology Upgrades

Technology Upgrade/Migration & Transformation

Sistema Technologies is well versed in Technology Upgrade/Migration & Transformation.  The DIR DBITS contract defines “Technology Upgrade/Migration & Transformation” as follows:

Definition: Technology Upgrade/Migration may be required to increase business functionality, reengineer a business function, keep current with vendor upgrades or when upgrading existing technology.  Technology Transformation may be accomplished by converting/migrating legacy applications to new technology either with or without new business functionality or it may include introducing new technology into the enterprise. Technology Upgrade/Migration may also include providing website content accessibility compliance.

Examples of included services: assessments of the current application portfolio, evaluation of the technology assets before beginning technology transformation and Business Case development for justification of an initiative.   Also included are: technology transformations, which may include, appropriate Return on Investment (ROI), benchmarks and milestones.  The following activities may also be included:  planning, analysis, requirements development, proof of concept, deployment, implementation, integration, remediation, data migration, documentation, application programming and support services; and training support.

Case Study:

Harland Clarke offers a wide spectrum of retail and financial services to its customers, which include businesses and individuals.  In order to improve the integration between their websites and back office operations, Harland Clarke decided to migrate its websites to the ATG framework.

Harland Clarke chose Sistema Technologies to perform this migration/transformation to ATG.  A total of 8 contrators worked on this project and the peak team size was 10 contractors.

Harland Clarke has been a Sistema Technologies customer for a decade and given its in-depth knowledge of the business and technical landscape, Sistema developed a rollout plan to implement ATG and migrate different HC websites to ensure that none of the other IT projects were impacted by this release.

This was one of the most challenging migration projects faced by Sistema Technologies given the diversity of the systems and the sheer volume of the impact.  This project was implemented in an iterative model, with releases every month.  Changes were subject to a workflow, wherein they were approved by the business owner of the impacted website/system.  Following approval, the Sistema Project Manager consolidated the change requests at the end of the week and worked with the IT & QA teams to determine the risks, costs and the effort involved.

The delivery of the project was a grand success, and has led to a number of follow on projects for Sistema Technologies.  Also this particular project has made Sistema one of the preferred vendors for ATG migration projects.

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