Statement of Work Assessment

Quality Assurance Measures For Reviewing Sow Performance

Sistema Technologies utilizes a variety of Quality Assurance process controls as well as other tools to ensure that all delivery is in compliance with the Statement of Work (SOW).

Sistema’s project management practice is based upon the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK). Sistema Technologies continuously reviews the latest developments in the industry within PMBOK and updates its practices consistently. In compliance with PMBOK, the SOW items are converted into requirements and documented in the Requirements Specification Document, which then forms the backbone of the project.

The delivery attributes such as budget limits, time limits, staffing constraints, etc. are built directly into the project management plan, so they follow into the work breakdown structure as well as schedule and cost management plans.

To ensure quality of delivery, Sistema Technologies uses a framework called the “Integrated Quality Assurance Model”. This model ensures that quality is engrained into the process and a natural consequence of it.

The essence of iQA(Integrated Quality Assurance) is to clearly define the attributes of the tasks that create the product, measure those attributes and to audit if both the definitions and measurements were done properly. This establishes a chain of responsibility and ensures that every deliverable is reviewed at least twice.

Sistema also establishes, in conjunction with the client, a balanced scorecard of performance metrics that will be used to evaluate the end product, as well as the process used to create the end product. These metrics are strictly enforced and are used as inputs into the employee’s performance appraisal process.

The primary software tools that are used by Sistema for project management are Microsoft Project and PMware ( Quality assurance tools we use include HP Quality Center and HP ALM.

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