Our Strengths

Sistema Technologies Skill Sets That Distinguish Our Firm

Sistema Technologies works hard to maintain the core success factors listed below. They are followed closely to deal with the obvious budget and timeline elements of a project, as well as, some of the less obvious factors such as quality and team satisfaction.

  • Have satisfied stakeholders
  • Meet the project’s objectives/requirements
  • Meet an agreed budget
  • Deliver on time
  • Add value
  • Develop and meet quality requirements

Sistema Technologies also strongly believes in the value of knowledge and places a concentrated focus on acquiring talent that will add positively to our base. We have a wealth of certified talent across various technologies. A few of those include:

  • PMI Certifications: 14% of workforce
  • ITIL Certification: 3% of workforce
  • Six Sigma Certification: 3% of workforce
  • Sun Java Certifications: 29% of workforce
  • Microsoft Technology Certification: 24% of workforce
  • Database Certifications: 15% of workforce
  • Cisco Certifications: 6% of workforce

The acquisition and retention of such skilled staff is a key driver of Sistema’s success.

Sistema Technologies strives for 100% client satisfaction within every engagement. Focus on our success factors as well as a robust collection of talent has allowed us to win numerous accolades, an A+ Better Business Rating and client longevity.

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