Licensing and Permitting

Gov2Biz by Sistema Technologies

Government agencies are faced with significant challenges when it comes to issuing licenses to applicants and managing their business lifecycle. Handling the sheer volume of requests is not the only issue. Problems associated with paper and telephone requests include; incomplete or inconsistent information, errors in fee calculation, typographical errors, use of incorrect forms, insufficient attachments, etc. These issues may stress agency resources to the maximum and place them out of compliance with their service level agreements/objectives.

Gov2Biz by Sistema Technologies successfully automates what licensing agencies deal with in terms of evaluating, issuing, and maintaining licenses for licensees.  GOV2BIZ integrates with the DPS for name verification, the FBI for background checks and for payment processing. This robust and comprehensive solution cannot be summed up in a few paragraphs, so we invite you to download our GOV2BIZ product brochure.

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