Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The economically-motivated criminals of today are highly aggressive and persistent, leveraging the same advanced attacks and tools as nation-states. Meanwhile, businesses are pressured to adapt and improve their security program with a lack of the necessary resources and expertise needed to protect against attacks. They are struggling to find ways to best protect their assets and data while maintaining productivity and meeting customer needs.

  • Internal Pen Testing - Focuses on determining the potential business impact of a security breach and validating the level of effort required for an attacker to overcome your security infrastructure. After access is gained, Sistema identifies configuration issues and vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Using that information, Sistema attempts to complete several objectives that are designed to replicate common attacker vectors.
  • External Pen Testing - Consists of enumerating and verifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external attackers to gain unauthorized access to your systems. Sistema team plays the role of an external attacker, attempting to exploit vulnerable systems to obtain confidential information or compromise network perimeter defenses
  • Web App Pen Testing - Focuses on evaluating the security of a web application by using aspects of the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and the OWASP standard testing checklist, and involves an active analysis of the application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or other vulnerabilities. You will receive an assessment of the potential impact, steps to reproduce the issue if applicable, and Sistema recommendations for remediation.

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