Application Development

Application Development, Maintenance and Support, Technology Upgrade, Migration, and Transformation; and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Application Development is the development of new applications which may be mainframe, server, network-based, web-based, or a combination, and may require interfaces to existing applications.

Maintenance and Support includes troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining, securing, and enhancing legacy systems and applications which may be running in a production environment.

Technology upgrade, migration, and transformation may be accomplished by converting/migrating legacy applications to new technology, with or without new business functionality. It may also include introducing new technology into the enterprise and managing any changes as a result of the introduction.

Transformation may include assessments of the current application portfolio, evaluation of the technology assets before beginning technology transformation, and Business Case development for the justification of an initiative. Part of the transformation journey may include planning, analysis, requirements development, proof of concept, deployment, implementation, integration, remediation, data migration, documentation, application programming and support services, and training support.

Agile methodology may be considered if defined in the sprint schedule, methodology, and governance which defines the process of developing, communicating, implementing, monitoring, and approving the project phases. Additional areas within scope include the following:

  • Website content accessibility compliance
  • Cloud transformation
  • Digital transformation
  • IT organizational transformation
  • User acceptance testing

ERP is an amalgamation of an organization’s information systems designed to automate and integrate a variety of functions commonly referred to as “back office”, including financials, human resources, and asset management. These systems are usually modularized and highly configurable. Business Process Reengineering (BPR), system or application changes, implementation, conversion services, and training are often included in an ERP initiative.

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